Brand: MKDS
Packaged:3,2 m x 10,0 m
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Agrofibre Spunbond is a synthetic covering material for protecting plants from adverse weather conditions, which is a white or black non-woven fabric.
Spunbond is good for air and moisture, which has earned itself great popularity in agriculture.
Able to serve for years and be a reliable assistant in obtaining good harvests.
White agrospanbond is used for greenhouses, and black for mulching.

The main advantages of Spunbond:
* The raw material is non-toxic and environmentally friendly
(it consists of 100% synthetics, connected without glue or similar toxic materials: no toxins are released even when heated and in strong winds).
* The material is strong and durable (the density of the agricultural canvas is in the range of 15-600 g / m²).
* Resistant to UV rays (the fiber contains light stabilizing additives SUF).
* Reduces the flow of excess UV radiation.
* Spunbond does not rot or bloom.
* Non-conductive and does not accumulate static electricity.
* Prized for its lightness - it weighs little even when wet!
* High quality heat insulator.
* Resistant to alkalis and acids.
* Does not self-ignite and burn very poorly.
* Inexpensive (the cost of spunbond depends on density, color, type of processing).

The unique properties of the material make it possible to use it in many areas:
from construction to medicine (from this synthetic fiber they make not only a covering material for beds and greenhouses, but also produce packaging, covers and organizers for storing clothes, linen and various household items, which protect products from dust, while having good air permeability, which is necessary for high-quality ventilation).

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