Monarda didyma
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Beebalm Oswego - mixture, shades of red, white, pink and salmon.
Flowers or seedcapsules for cutting.
Flowering period: VII-IX.
Hardiness zone: Z4.
Height: 80-100 cm.

Effective cutting! Very bright color! This spectacular and versatile perennial will create a bright spot in your flower garden and lawn. Plant height 80-100 cm. Leaves and flowers have a pleasant lemon scent. Attracts bees.

Monarda didyma

Monarda didyma

Aedmonarda Monarda didyma Red

Eng.: Bergamot, Oswego tea, bee balm, fragrant balm, Indianernessel, mountain mint. Suom.: Väriminttu, hevosminttu, teeminttu. Sven.: Temynta.

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