Humus granulated
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Humus fertilizer "BlackJAK" (100 ml).
Used in organic farming.
Concentrated suspension of organic fertilizers, consisting of humic, fulvic and fulminic acids, designed to fertilize plants through the roots and leaves of plants in order to obtain a rich and high-quality harvest. Effective for soaking seeds, tubers and seedling roots.
It is used for fertilizing garden strawberries and berry bushes, fruit trees and flower crops, ornamental and pot plants, for all vegetable crops.
Organic matter: not less than 28%.
Humic acid, fulvic acid, nucleic acid: at least 20%.
Organic nitrogen (N) -1.1%.
Acidity: pH: 4-5.
significantly increases harvest productivity
soaking the seeds, bulbs, tubers or roots of plants has a positive effect on the vigor of germination
stimulates the development of the root system
stimulates the assimilation of micro- and macroelements by the plant by creating a favorable environment for the vital activity of beneficial microorganisms
mixing BlackJak with mineral fertilizers increases their effectiveness.

Other use cases:
1. Soaking the seeds before sowing: Soak the seeds in a solution of 5 ml / 1 L of water the day before sowing to help the seeds germinate faster.
Soak tubers (potatoes, onions, etc.) a day before planting in a solution in a ratio of 25 ml / 10 l of water.
2. Dosing with drip irrigation: after planting in the soil every 3-4 weeks at a rate of 30-50 ml / 10l / 100 m².
3. Foliar spraying: in a ratio of 5 ml / 10 l of water.

STORAGE: do not store at temperatures below 0 ° C and above + 40 ° C. Under normal storage conditions BlackJAK maintains its physical, chemical and biological properties.

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