Piper nigrum
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Black pepper - Piper nigrum.
Black pepper is grown mainly in countries with a tropical climate. Outwardly, it looks like a vine, so large plantations are used for breeding.
The plant reaches a height of as much as seven meters and blooms every year, around the beginning of summer. After the plant blooms with small white flowers, it begins to bear fruit.
Its fruits are green at first, and later acquire a dark yellow or red hue. Then the fruits are dried in the sun, as a result of which they turn black.
If desired, peppers can be grown at home. To do this, you need to know the basic rules of care:
* The most basic requirement is warmth and sunlight. With sudden changes in temperature, the plant dies, the most optimal temperature is approximately + 20 + 25 ° C.
* The best soil for seedlings is turfy soil mixed with a small amount of sand and humus.
* It is important to remember about the level of humidity in the room, if necessary, you need to humidify the air with special means.
* Allspice should be watered abundantly with warm water.
How to plant?
The optimal time for planting peppers is the very end of spring and the beginning of summer.
The process of planting allspice itself does not take much time. First of all, you should prepare all the necessary materials:
large plastic pot;
soil for planting;
fertilizers (chicken manure is best);
a small stick or rail for building a support;
a small spatula for plant transplantation;
a few peppercorns (before planting a pea in the ground, it must be soaked overnight in warm water).
Carefully plant the soaked peas in a pot. After about 3-4 weeks, the first sprouts should sprout from them.
During this period, you should water the plant very carefully, as the stems are still too fragile and can break.
After the appearance of leaves on the stem, you need to immediately fertilize the soil with chicken manure or other fertilizer.
The allspice plant is very similar to plants from the creeper family, it grows and begins to wrap around nearby objects. In order to prevent breakage of the stems, it is advisable to install a small support in advance.
Any stick or a small piece of lath will do as a support. It is necessary to stick a stick into a pot of earth so that it stands firmly and does not fall off.
If everything is done correctly, then in a year the black pepper will begin to bear the first fruits: at first they will be green, and when they acquire a reddish tint, you need to remove the peas from the plant and put them in the sun. So they dry up and acquire a fragrant aroma.
Do not forget that black pepper is a moisture-loving plant, so water it as often as possible during the warm season. But in winter it is worth significantly reducing watering.
The most comfortable place for pepper is the windowsill, where the sun shines almost all year round.
Carefully monitor the air temperature: avoid sudden changes, as well as cold snaps in the room where the pepper grows.
For more successful pepper cultivation, spray the plant throughout the day and plant nearby plants in a separate pot to provide extra moisture.

Eng.: Black pepper. Suom.: Mustapippuri, Ryytipippuri. Sven.: Svartpeppar.

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