Plantago coronopus
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Buck's-Horn Plantain - Plantago coronopus.
In the spring we often use the "grace of nature" - we collect wild herbs for food.
These are old habits, but even today scientists are not asleep - botanists are looking for edible species among "wild plants", and breeders improve them, turn them into cultural ones.
So, from the numerous plantain family, and there are about 270 species in it, an edible species has been isolated - the deer-horned plantain (Plantago coronopus).
The plant is not at all like our habitual ubiquitous plantain large (Plantago major). The green, smooth, lanceolate leaves of the deer-horned plantain with small shoots are collected in a dense semi-raised rosette with a diameter of about 15 cm, a height of 20 cm. Withstands slight frosts, but does not hibernate in Estonian conditions.
Sow thickly: 10 × 10 cm.

Eng.: Buck's-Horn Plantain. Suom.: Liuskaratamo. Sven.: Strandkämpar, kråksutt.

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