Impatiens walleriana
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Busy Lizzie "Impreza Red" F1.
A magnificent and versatile balsam hybrid that blooms beautifully all year round in interiors, and in flowerbeds in summer!
Compact bush with dense foliage, 15-20 cm high. Red flowers (3-4 cm in diameter). Flowering is very abundant.
Busy Lizzie is excellent for decorating window sills and balconies. It is also used for flowerbeds and rabatok.
The plant is heat-loving and grows well in open sunny places or in partial shade. Blooms profusely in light, fertile soils. Handles haircuts well.
Seeds are covered with fine-grained sand with a layer of 3 mm and maintain constant humidity. At a soil temperature of +18+20°C shoots appear in 15-20 days.
Seedlings dive into pots one plant at a time. Planted in the ground at the end of spring frosts, the distance between plants is 15-20 cm.

Impatiens walleriana White

Eng.: Busy Lizzie. Suom.: Ahkeraliisa. Sven.: Flitiga Lisa. Bot.syn.: Impatiens holstii Engl. et Warb.

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