Campanula medium calycanthema
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Canterbury bells "Сup and Saucers" (mix) - Campanula medium calycanthema flora pleno.
Plant height 60-80 cm.
Rising on strong peduncles, he will demonstrate the beauty of his “dress” for 2 months. Due to its unpretentiousness, it will impress and decorate both a natural style flower garden and a luxurious flower bed. Its picturesque flower stalks are used for cutting.
Sowing: April-June in open ground or in March for seedlings. Seeds are placed on the surface of a moistened and slightly compacted substrate, without covering them. Crops are sprayed from the sprayer and covered with glass, periodically it will be necessary to remove condensate (drops of water) from the glass. For friendly germination of seeds, light is needed (but not the scorching rays of the sun), as well as a temperature of + 16 + 18 ° С. Shoots appear in 15-20 days.
Care: Prefers any well-drained, non-acidic, moderately moist soil in full sun or partial shade. Responsive to the introduction of lime. In one place it can grow 3-5 years.
The rosettes of leaves formed by the autumn of the first year for the winter must be covered with peat with a layer of 3-5 cm or fallen leaves with a layer of 10 cm. The next year, the growing flowering shoots are tied to stakes. In dry weather, watering is provided, otherwise the plants become smaller and flowering stops.
Flowering: June-July. In order to prolong the life of the bell, it is necessary to cut the peduncle after flowering (to form a new young rosette).

Campanula medium calycanthema

Eng.: Canterbury bells "Mixture", cup and saucers. Suom.: Maariankello. Sven.: Mariaklocka, kopp och fat.

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