Sedum spurium L.
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Tworow stonecrop (Caucasian stonecrop) - Sedum spurium.
Perennial. Plant height 5 cm (up to 10 cm). Inflorescence diameter 0.5 cm. Sedums in stony gardens are the main and unpretentious plants with creeping, leafy shoots at the ends, forming dense bushes.
They bloom in the first half of summer (about 50 days) with bright red, purple star-shaped flowers, collected in dense, umbellate corymbs. Good for planting on terraces and for creating background spots in large rockeries. Indispensable for securing slopes.
Sowing: February-May in boxes or in open ground. Shoots appear within 10-15 days. When planting seedlings in the ground, a distance of 70-80 cm is observed so that the bushes do not close until autumn.

Tworow stonecrop, Roomav kukehari, Седум ложный, Kaukasiskt fetblad, Kaukasianmaksaruoho

Tworow stonecrop, Caucasian sedum. Bot.syn.: Spathulata spuria (M.Bieb.) A. & D.Love.

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