Capsicum chinense
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Chilli pepper "Lanterna Giallo" - Capsicum chinensis.
Very sharp!
Mid-late (108-117 days) hybrid for open ground and film shelters.
The plant is sprawling, 60-80 cm high. The fruits of the original shape, ribbed, similar to a bell, bright green in technical ripeness, yellow in biological ripeness, weighing 30-40 g, spicy taste.
The value of the hybrid: resistance to tobacco mosaic virus, bacteriosis and temperature changes, abundant and long fruiting.
It grows well in room conditions, on balconies and window sills, and also looks great in open ground in flower beds, flower beds, flowerpots.
Recommended for fresh consumption, seasoning, drying and canning.

 Eng.: Chile Pepper, Hot pepper. Suom.: Chilipaprika (Tulinen pippuri). Sven.: Chilipeppar (Het peppar). Bot. syn.: Capsicum sinense Murray, Capsicum toxicarium Poepp. ex Fingerh.

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