Dianthus chinensis var. heddewigii
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China pink terry (mix) - Dianthus chinensis var. heddewigii.
The most popular annual carnation.
The plant is 20-35 cm high, forms a compact bush, the leaves are green, elongated. Flowers are single, double, up to 6 cm in diameter, odorless. It blooms from July until the first frost. It is used for planting in flower beds, in curbs, massifs, in groups, for landscaping balconies and for cutting.
A plant that prefers a sunny location, light fertile soils, abundant watering without stagnant water. It responds well to fertilizing with mineral and organic fertilizers. Sowing is carried out in late March - early April in seedling boxes, the seeds are lightly sprinkled with light earth, shoots appear in 15-30 days. Seedlings are planted in open ground when the threat of frost has passed, keeping the distance between plants 20-30 cm.

Dianthus chinensis Hiina nelk

Bot. syn.: Dianthus x heddewigii (Regel) hort.

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