Ocimum americanum L.
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Fragrant purple basil.
Basil variety with red leaves and strong aroma. Loves warmth and sunlight.
When cutting plants that have reached 15 cm, you can get a double harvest.
Used in the preparation of snacks.
Grade value: high content of vitamin C, mineral salts, fiber and tannins. It is eaten fresh and dry, for flavoring sauces, soups and salads, as well as for canning cucumbers and tomatoes. Infusions and teas from basil leaves improve digestion, cheer up, relieve fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Vürtsbasiilik Basil Basilika Ocimum americanum L. Базилик Красивая Сказка


Eng.: Basil. Suom.: Basilika. Sven.: Basilika. Bot. syn.: Ocimum americanum L.

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