Cichorium endivia L.
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Curly endive "Pancalieri a Costa Bianca" - Cichorium endivia L.
An early kind. This variety is grown both In greenhouses and outdoors for spring and summer harvest.
This plant is undemanding to soil bet grows best in medium-weight or light soil with no weeds around.
Loafs contain fructose, cellulose, various vitamins, potassium and other substances.
Intybin is the substance which gives this chicory variety its bitter taste, but it also improves digestion and blood circulation.
This variety is grown as wide-leaf salad and is a very valuable vegetable because it decreases the sugar amount in the blood.
Suitable for vegetable salads.
1,0 g = 550-600 seeds.

Eng.: Curly endive. Suom.: Kähäräendiivi, "frisee" sikurisalaatti. Sven.: Friseesallat (cikoriasallat), Sydcikoria.

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