Bioactive fulvic acids and micronutrients
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"Fulvo" - bioactive fulvic acids and microelements concentrate.
Intended purpose: 100% natural concentrate of bioactive fulvic acids and micronutrients is derived from young humates. Fulvic acids are a natural source of fertility and health for any plant. The product combines with nutrients and enters a plant cell more efficiently to stimulate soil microbiological activities. Supplemental materials and minerals provide the plant with a complete nutrition and ability to unfold its full genetic potential. The extract has not been obtained by using chemicals, but water to guarantee the highest quality and purity of the product.
Method and rate of use: 1mL - 1L every time watering and 2mL - 1L when spraying.
Composition: Fulvic acids - 10%, humic acids - 0.8%, amino acids - 0.5%, other organic acids, C (carbon) - 3.9%. pH 3.0 to 3.3.

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