Lactuca sativa L.
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Lettuce "Frillice".
"Iceberg" type crunchy salad, not forming the head (!). Large shrub, weighting 250 grams.
Bright serrated ornamental green leaves, crispy, very good taste. The variety is resistant to disease and blooming.
Planted in seedlings. Cultivated in plastic tunnels, greenhouses and outdoors. Seeds coated with sticky mix.
It is very important to have moist during germination - in dry soil they will not germinate.
Seeds is granulated.
Seed colour matches the colour of the harvest.
Coating ingredients: peat, dolomite, clay.
Coating seed: 3/1.

Jääsalat Frillice
Ice lettuce. Bot.: Latuca sativa var. capitata Crisphead.

Did you know that... salad is not washed for storage, placed in plastic bags and placed in the refrigerator.
Loose heads lie up to 3 days, dense heads - up to 5 days.

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