Chervil "Commun"
Garden chervil - Anthriscus cerefolium. Annual spice plant of 30-60 cm height. Young fresh waved leaves before bloomy period are used for food. Leaves have a nice anise scent. Due to chervil, your food becomes not just aromatic, but also enriched wi..
Cos lettuce "Galander"
Cos lettuce "Galander". Mid-early variety: 65-75 days. The size of the head of cabbage is from medium to large, in the form of a wide ellipse. The head of cabbage is open, the density of the leaves is medium. The variety is resistant to sh..
Courgette Zucchini "Tapir"
Courgette Zucchini "Tapir" An early ripe cultivar of bush type with semi-erect stems. The variety "Tapir" has long fruits with longitudinal stripes of light and dark green color and a small seed chamber. Fruits with white pulp an..
Cucumber "Twigy" F1
Pickling smooth cucumber "TWIGY" F1. A mid-early, high-yielding hybrid variety with mainly female flowers suitable for all regions. The plants are moderately vigorous. The fruits have a dark green colour, are almost smooth on the surface a..
Curly kale "Kapral"
Curly kale "Kapral" Mid-early variety intended for fresh consumption. Plant up to 60 cm high, very decorative. The leaves are green, very strongly corrugated. The plant is resistant to low temperatures. Leaf cabbage acquires a typical tast..
Dill "Moravan"
Dill "MORAVAN". Highly aromatic late ripening variety (70-80 days from sowing). This variety is especially suitable for field growing. It has rather thick foliage. It is highly resistant to flowering, which extends the harvest period. It..
Green peas "Winner"
Green pea "WINNER".  A very early variety intended for immediate consumption as well as for industrial processing. The first flowers appear at the 9th - 10th node. The number of seeds in a pod is 7 to 8. The pods are green with large ..
Green Sprouting "Apolena" F1
Broccoli "APOLENA" F1 - Brassica oleracea L. convar botrytis (L.) Alef. var. cymosa Duch. A mid-late hybrid for immediate consumption and for short term storage. The size of the plant is medium. The blue-green heads with medium grains are ..
Head lettuce "Amur"
Head lettuce "Amur" This is a winter variety which is intended for early field harvesting. It is a medium-large plant with light green, slightly curly leaves. The head is medium-large, round and closed off. Sowing should be carried out fr..
Radish violet "Diana"
Violet radish "Diana". An early variety of attractive purple-white round radish with a growing season of 30-35 days. The pulp is dull white, pleasant in taste and texture. Suitable for growing in spring and autumn. Resistant to fungal i..
Sugar pea "Jessy"
Sugar pea "Jessy". Delicacy treat ! A medium late variety of sugar peas from the legendary Czech seed company "MoravoSeed". From germination to harvest: 60-65 days. Young pods are free of fibers and parchment. The pods are 7-..
Tomato "Perun"
Tomato "Perun". Plant is vigorous, indeterminant. Maturity in 3 months afte germination. Fruits are pear-shaped, yellow and weight 15-20 g.   ..
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