Cucumis sativus L.
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Spined (American) type - parthenocarpic cucumber "DAFNE" F1.
New spined parthenocarpic hybrid. Very early, very high yielding variety that produces attractive, dark green fruit suitable for the fresh market as well as for salt and vinegar pickling.
Suitable for all indoor and outdoor environments. This variety is genetically non-bitter.
1,0 g = 35-45 seeds.

Parthenocarpic, cornichone-type cucumber. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

Secrets of growing cucumbers:
* It is good to grow cucumbers on fresh manure, which is applied in the fall when digging the soil to a depth of 20-25 cm (one bucket per 1 sq.m).
* It is desirable to water the cucumbers after 3-4 days, only with warm water heated by the sun, in the afternoon.
Once every 10-14 days, watering is combined with top dressing with mineral and organic fertilizers dissolved in water: for 10 liters of water, 1 liter of mullein and 10 grams of urea.
From the moment of flowering, top dressing is increased: for 10 liters of water, 1 liter of mullein, 10 g of potassium sulfate, 40 g of superphosphate. 1 cup per plant.
If chicken manure is used instead of mullein, then the concentration is reduced: 1 liter of chicken manure is dissolved in 25 liters of water.

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