Solanum lycopersicum L.
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Tomato "Marmandino One" F1.
Tall hybrid resistant to fusarium and tobacco mosaic virus. The fruit is ribbed, fleshy, aromatic, weighing about 140-180 g.
Medium early (100-115 days from germination to fruiting), indeterminate (with unlimited growth) hybrid, recommended for film and winter greenhouses.
The hybrid is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporiosis, fusarium and rootworm nematode.
The yield of one plant is 6.5-7.0 kg.
Sowing seedlings in mid-late March. Pick in the phase of the first true leaf. Planting seedlings in greenhouses in early-mid May at the age of 45 days. Form the plant into one or two stems. It is obligatory to tie the plants a few days after planting.
Landing scheme 40x50 cm.

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