Green belt
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Adhesive tape "Green Belt" is a reliable solution for protecting fruit trees and shrubs from creeping garden pests:
* only insects crawling over it stick to the green adhesive coating;
* does not contain chemicals;
* safe for beneficial insects (green colour does not attract flying beneficial insects, and single insects that accidentally land on the adhesive surface of the trapping belt can easily fly away from it;
* allows you to monitor the appearance of pests in the garden.

The sticky belt effectively catches many pests, including especially dangerous ones:
- ants (Lasius sp., etc.) - carry colonies of leaf aphids;
- Operophtera brumata - one of the main pests of fruit trees;
- Eriosoma lanigerum - worsen the frost resistance of trees;
- Curculio nucum - significantly reducing yields;
- Xyleborus dispar, etc. - parasitizes on various types of trees;
- Apocheima pilosaria - damages various deciduous plants, including fruit trees;
- Myzus cerasi, Myzus prunavium - adhesive trapping belt will prevent the first attack of this pest but also the subsequent expansion.

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