Borago officinalis
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Borage (burrage or talewort) - Borago officinalis. Microgreens.
Spicy taste of juicy greens with a slight sweetness ...
Annual, herbaceous, cold-resistant plant with a pleasant scent of fresh cucumber. Young shoots, leaves and flowers contain a large amount of vitamins and other nutrients. They are used fresh as early vitamin greens, adding to salads and various vegetable cold snacks.
Young shoots and leaves are used fresh and dried as a seasoning for vegetable dishes, for canning and salting.
In folk medicine, it is used for articular rheumatism, edema, heart weakness.
Microgreens are young plants in the phase of the first pair of true leaves. The nutritional value of such plants is much higher than that of adult plants. Microgreens contain the maximum amount of useful macro- and microelements, vitamins and other natural biologically active substances. Ready to cut and eat 7-10 days after sowing!
Young shoots of the culture are rich in organic acids, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron. Due to the content of essential oils, the sprouts have a spicy taste (reminiscent of onions) with a slight sweetness. Shoots are eaten fresh, fried or sautéed.
As a substrate for growing, they use soil for seedlings, sand, paper or cotton napkins, coconut fiber, linen, jute or hemp rugs ...
Place the material in a low, wide container and moisten. Seeds are evenly distributed over the surface, cover the container with glass (film) and keep in the light at room temperature.
As soon as the seeds germinate, remove the film from above and place the tray under the phyto-lamps or in a well-lit place. Moisten the seedlings periodically with a spray bottle. Grow microgreens for 10-15 days.
Features of borage germination: the ideal substrate temperature is + 24 ° C before seed germination, then it drops to + 16 ° C. In the phase of the first pair of true leaves, microgreens are cut with scissors. Sowing is carried out year-round with an interval of 1-2 weeks.
1 gram = 50 seeds.

Kurgirohi, Borago officinalis mikrorohelised, seemned idandamiseks

Burrage is an annual plant.
Borage is a beautiful and valuable plant with many medicinal properties. Borage seeds are used both for growing beneficial microgreens and for producing beautiful edible flowers.
Borago microgreen has a pleasant refreshing aroma and a rich cucumber aftertaste. It goes well with cold soups, baked vegetables, fish and meat dishes. It is added to sauces, tinctures, syrups, desserts. And borago flowers are used to decorate salads, cold drinks and a variety of salads.
Borage microgreens are good for strengthening the immune system, as they are rich in essential oils and ascorbic acid. And due to the presence in it of a large amount of mineral salts, it improves blood composition and strengthens the cardiovascular system.
It also relieves inflammation, normalizes hormone production, improves metabolism and has a positive effect on the condition of nails, hair and skin. In addition, it has a diaphoretic and diuretic effect.
Due to the content of calcium and magnesium, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improves mood and stabilizes the emotional state.
Regular consumption of young borage sprouts contributes to the health of the genitourinary system, slowing down the aging process, as well as increasing potency in men.
Nutritional value of cucumber herb microgreens:
- a set of vitamins (ascorbic acid, carotene, E, F)
- a source of iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, silicon
- contains saponins, tannins, mucous substances, essential oils, resins, organic acids (citric, malic), gamma-linolenic acid and Omega-6.

Eng.: Common borage, beebread, burrage, star-flower, talewort. Suom.: Purasruoho, kurkkuyrtti. Sven.: Gurkört, borag, stofferblomma.

* Salad with borage.
Disassemble the washed salad (1.5 cups), chop, add onion (1 pc.) cut into rings. Borage (1 cup), salt, pepper, lemon juice (1 tablespoon) or vinegar, vegetable oil (1 tablespoon ), stir, cool before serving.

* Okroshka with borage.
Young leaves of borage (5-6 pcs.). Finely chop, grind with the yolk of a boiled egg (2 pcs.).
Watercress leaves (4-5 pcs.), Leaf mustard (1-2 pcs.), Green onions (50 g), parsley (50 g), chop dill (50 g), add chopped boiled potatoes (1 pc. .), egg whites (2 pcs.), boiled meat or sausage (50 g), sour cream. Pour with kvass (1l).

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