Cichorium endivia L. var. latifolium
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Escarole "Cornetto di Bordeaux" - Cichorium endivia L. var. latifolium.
Medium early head variety. The rosette of leaves is raised, 20 cm high, 35 cm in diameter. The leaf is large, rounded, with a crispy consistency. Head of cabbage is elliptical, dense, weighing 350 g. Sowing seeds in open ground at the end of April - May. For a continuous harvest of leaves, sowing is carried out from April to August. The seeding depth is 1-2 cm.

Eng.: Escarole. Suom.: Salaattisikuri (Endiivi). Sven.: Escarolesallat, Cikoria endive, Vägvårda.

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