Allium fistulosum L.
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Wintry green onion "GERDA" - Allium fistulosum L.
Excellent quality for cutting and bunching.
Very early bunching onion with a delicious taste and dark green, erect leaves. Suitable for field and tunnel year-round production. Very resistant to low temperatures.
A very early variety (70 days in conditions in Central Europe) with a delicious taste and dark green, erect foliage. White shanks are 8 - 10 cm long.
Good advantages of GERDA are very early maturity and high resistance to stress. GERDA is also tolerant to low and high temperatures.
Suitable for year-round growing, especially for early spring sowing.
Not intended for overwintering but in Mediterranean and regions with a similar mild climate it survives winter very well.
An excellent variety overall.

Talisibul Gerda pealsesibul

Talisibul Gerda Лук на перо Герда

Eng.: Bunching Onion, Wintry green onion, Welsh Onion (Cong-Bai). Bot.: Allium fistulosum L.

* A very interesting and accessible method, repeatedly described in the literature, is to stimulate the growth of onions with a solution of table salt.
One summer resident was struggling with a wireworm that was damaging the baton. One day he accidentally spilled cucumber pickle on the ground, which landed on earthworms. They began to squirm from the salt. This led the summer resident to think that pests would not like the salt either. After that, he watered half of the onion bed with salt solution. After 15 days, on the watered part of the bed the onions grew 10 cm more than on the unwatered part.
Further more. Growing onions in this way, the farmer was able to grow bulbs the size of a half-liter jar, and onion stems reached 90 cm. The concentration of the solution ranged from 300 to 750 g per 10 liters of water for irrigation of 1.5-2 m2. Watering was carried out after 15 days, followed by watering with clean water (2-3 buckets). Believe it or not! This can be confirmed even using the example of beets.
However, watering with a solution of table salt should not be considered as a method of pure feeding; fertilizing the soil with organic and mineral fertilizers is still necessary. Salt acts more as a growth stimulant and less as a mineral fertilizer.
Grow leeks and leeks - these are universal-purpose vegetable crops: they are used as an independent product, as a seasoning, canned, dried, frozen, and simply for decorating the table and area.

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