Rubus fruticosus coll.
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Blackberry "Nastena-slastena" - Rubus fruticosus coll., cultivar.
Early ripening dessert variety. The bush is medium-sized (190-200 cm), the shoots are thick and drooping. The berries are black, large, oval-shaped, shiny, weighing 4.5-5 g, sweet and sour, aromatic. Fruiting is abundant. The productivity of one bush is 2.0-3.0 kg.
When propagated by seed, blackberry plants are less affected by diseases, including viral ones. First, the seeds are stratified, i.e. soak in water at room temperature for 3-5 days, replacing it daily. Then it is mixed with wet sawdust or river sand and placed in a refrigerator at a temperature of +2+4°C for 1.5-2 months. Before sowing, the seeds are scarified, the hard shell that prevents germination of the embryo is destroyed, rubbed for 5-10 minutes between sheets of fine sandpaper and then sown in the ground. The plant is planted in a sunny place protected from the wind.
The berries are used for making juices, jams, and freezing.

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