Cichorium intybus var. foliosum
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Leaf chicory "Grumolo Verde" - Cichorium intybus L.
An ideal product for diabetics.
Mid-season variety. The plant is unpretentious. The bush is small, with dense dense green leaves. At the end of winter, the plant takes on the typical rosette shape.

CHICORIUM is a biennial plant that forms a root crop in the first year, and seed shoots and seeds in the second. It is relatively undemanding to soil and climate, as evidenced by its wild relatives found in central Russia, quite cold-hardy and can be grown everywhere. Various soils are suitable, but with good air and water permeability, slightly acidic or neutral reaction of the soil solution. The area should be bright and provided with water for irrigation. Depending on the weather conditions of the year in central Russia, lettuce chicory should be sown on June 5–20, since 3-4 months are enough for it to form normal root crops.
The depth, sowing scheme and further agrotechnical measures for plant care are the same as for carrots. In order for root crops to grow even, without branching - these are needed for planting for distillation (although this does not affect the quality of the heads of cabbage driven out), the soil should be deeply loosened before sowing, and after sowing, rolled for better contact of the seeds with the ground.

Цикорий салатный "Грумоло Верде".
Идеальный продукт для диабетиков.

Eng.: Leaf Chicory. Suom.: Salaattisikuri. Sven.: Rosensallat.

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