Allium fistulosum L
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Bunching Onion "KAJ" (SMCS03).
A variety from "SEMO" that is both early and vigorous. Single stalks can grow up to 70 cm with a particularly long white stem.
Adapted under various climate conditions for spring to autumn harvests.
Deep green leaves and very attractive white stems are the main characteristics making this the perfect bunching onion.

Talisibul Kaj Allium fistulosum Лук на перо
Bunching Onion, Wintry green onion, Welsh Onion (Cong-Bai). Bot.: Allium fistulosum L.

* To obtain tender bleached “legs” of the batun in Japan, the plants are hilled, not with earth, but with cut straw and sawdust.
It must be said that among our gardeners, no one is seriously involved in bleaching the “legs” of the batun, since there are no corresponding varieties of stem species of the batun, and there are no traditions of growing them.
Batun is grown mainly for the earliest greenery and can grow in one place for up to 3-4 years when grown for cutting and up to 5-6 years when grown for seeds.
After this, it requires replanting, as it becomes very thick and small. However, batun tolerates thickening better than leek.
Onions are propagated by seeds and by dividing the bush. Seeds remain viable for 3-4 years.
Interestingly, the inflorescences of the batun do not need to be isolated: it does not cross with other onions.
When growing batun in an annual crop from one's own seeds to sell green feathers, its cost, compared to onion feathers, is sharply reduced.
At the same time, the batun produces a more even product than onions. In this case, the seeds are sown early in the spring, quite densely, and the entire plants are harvested the following spring.
To obtain earlier products, it is good to use tunnel-type film shelters. Thus, in the climatic zone of Estonia, covering the baton with film in the spring for a period of 25-30 days accelerates the growth and development of plants by 9-10 days and increases the early harvest by 1.5-2 times.
When growing using the above technology, you must remember that in the fall, after frost kills green leaves and stops the growing season of plants, it is necessary to clean the area, cut off the leaves and remove them along with dry leaves in order to prevent damping off of the plantings and get rid of diseases and wintering pests.
The batun does not form a large onion and this is also its similarity to a leek. Taste depending on the variety: mildly spicy, semi-sharp, spicy, always pleasant.
They are also related by their high decorativeness. These onions can become a real decoration for your garden, thanks to the unexpected power and majesty of a simple bulbous plant.
To form powerful specimens, thickening is unacceptable; the distance between neighboring plants should be at least 10-15 cm.

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