Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata
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Winter butterhead lettuce "Humil" - Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata.
This is a winter variety which is intended for early field harvesting
It is a medium-large plant with light green, slightly curly leaves. 
The head is medium-large, round and closed off. Sowing should be carried out from mid-August to mid-September, and harvesting from the end of April.
It requires early harvesting.
Head is medium-large, round and well-closed.
Sowing from mid-August to mid-September and harvesting from the end of April.
"Humil" creates big head (380 grams) with smooth yellow-green leaves. Intermediate resistance to rot.

Eng.: Winter Butterhead Lettuce. Suom.: Keräsalaatti talvinen. Sven.: Huvud-Sallat. Bot.: Lactuca sativa L. var. capitata

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