Brassica oleracea L. convar. botrytis var. italica
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Green Sprouting "Calabrese" (Broccoli).
The word "broccoli" means "little sprouts" in Italian and broccoli is in the same family (Brassica) as Kale, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts and others.
Originally the Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli is thought to have been introduced into Western vegetable gardens by Italian immigrants in the 1880 s.
Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli was later introduced to the seed trade between 1914-1918 and has remained very popular with gardeners ever since!
This lovely, old fashioned Broccoli variety is a very disease resistant, very hardy and very prolific producer of 3 to 6 inch, large-sized broccoli heads.
The heads are dark green in colour, with a tight, bluish-green centre and are typically uniform in size and shape.
The heads of this broccoli variety are not only excellent to the taste but are very tender, contain few calories and are extremely high in Vitamin A.
Once the initial head is cut, many small branches will also appear which will produce small clusters of broccoli sprouts. The plants will grow from 30 to 36 inches in height.
Although the heads of this Broccoli variety are typically the only thing utilized, the stalks, buds and leaves are also edible.
Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli is very easy to grow and is an excellent crop for cold climates that can be used either fresh or frozen. Matures in approximately 60 to 80 days.
Weight per 1000 seeds = 2,5-3,3 g.
A number of seeds in 1,0 g  = 250-300.

Eng.: Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli. Suom.: Parsakaali. Sven.: Broccoli. Bot.: Brassica oleracea L. convar. botrytis var. italica.

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