Petroselinum crispum
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Leaf parsley (tops) "Riccio Verde".
A variety of leafy parsley with highly corrugated, very beautiful leaves and a pleasant aroma. The variety is mid-season. Plants are relatively compact, drought tolerant. The roots overwinter well, in early spring they give greens rich in vitamins. Keeps fresh for a long time after cutting.

Käharpetersell Leaf Parsley tops Kähäräpersilja Persilja Mosskrusig Петрушка кудрявая Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare

Eng.: Leaf Parsley (tops). Suom.: Kähäräpersilja. Sven.: Persilja Mosskrusig. Bot.: Petroselinum crispum convar. vulgare.

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