Pisum sativum L.
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Wrinkled pea "Kelvedon Wonder".
A early variety for universal use (the time from sowing to harvest is approx. 67 days). The plant height 45 cm.
The first flowers appear at the 10th node. The pods are green with large dark green seeds.
There are 6-8 seeds in a pod. The recommended sowing rate is 210 - 230 kg per ha.
1,0 g = 3-6 seeds.

Sowing Instructions: peas prefer a deep rich, moist soil, which has had plenty of well rotted manure or compost dug in the previous autumn. Commence sowing in early spring once the ground is workable. Sowings can be made until July. In very cold or wet regions, cover early sowings with tall cloches.
Growing Instructions: keep the rows weeded and once the plants are 8-10 cm  tall, provide twiggy sticks for support. Give water twice a week during flowering and pod development to ensure a prolonged and heavier crop. Commence picking when the pods have started to swell. Depending on the sowing time, peas can be harvested from June-September.
Aftercare Instructions: early and regular picking will also improve the cropping and flavour of the pea.

Pea Kelvedon Wonder Hernes Горох Кельведонское Чудо

Eng.: Green peas. Suom.: Silpoydinherne. Sven.: Märgärt. Bot.: Pisum sativum L.

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