Phaseolus vulgaris L.
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Bush green beans "Satellite" ("Fleuret").
A variety of dwarf green french beans, which successfully complements the "Gusty" variety, which is very popular in the Czech Republic.
She has very thin pods with a diameter of only 6.5 mm. This is a very early variety with a fast onset of fertility and high yield. Recommended also for repeated crops.
Due to early maturation and ability to bear fruit, it can be re-sown as a follow-up crop after harvesting early vegetables.
1,0 g = 3-4 seeds.

Eng.: Bush bean "Fleuret".

* Soup with beans and vermicelli.
Ingredients: Beans - 1 cup, vermicelli - 130 g, parsley root, carrots - 2 pieces, onion, bay leaf.
Boil pre-soaked beans. 15-20 minutes before the beans are ready, add the previously sautéed in butter: onion, parsley root, carrots and vermicelli.
Before serving, sprinkle with parsley and dill (you can also use dry herbs).

* Borscht with beans.
Ingredients: Beets - 80 g, fresh cabbage - 40 g (or sauerkraut 30 g), dry beans - 25 or canned beans - 50 g, carrots - 20 g, parsley - 5 g, onion - 20 g, tomato puree - 15 g, flour - 5 g, margarine - 10 g, sugar - 3 g, vinegar 3% - 8 g, sour cream - 10 g, bay leaf, pepper.
Boil beans and beets separately until tender. Cut the roots into slices, chop the onion and sauté all together with fat and tomato puree.
Cabbage cut into checkers, potatoes - cubes. Put the cabbage into boiling broth or water, bring to a boil again, add roots, potatoes and sliced ​​beets (keep the decoction of beets), and cook for 15-20 minutes.
5-10 minutes before the end of cooking, put the beans together with the broth and spices (bay leaf, pepper), pour in the white sauce and strained beetroot broth and season with salt, sugar and vinegar to taste.

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