Cucumis sativus L.
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Cucumber "SUPERSTAR" F1 - LONG TYPE parthenocarpic varieties for Indoor production.
100% female. Pollination is unwanted.
A cucumber with attractive long fruit and medium growth. The plants have good growth recovery when pruned intensively.
Fruits are 25-30 cm long, dark green, with slight ribs.
"SUPERSTAR" is suitable for spring as well as summer forcing in greenhouses and tunnels.

Cucumber Superstar F1

Eng.: Parthenocarpic Greenhouse cucumber. Suom.: Partenokarppinen kasvihuonekurkku. Sven.: Partenokarp salladsgurka. Bot.: Cucumis sativus L.

* Cucumber juice.
Juice can be useful for preventing myocardial overexertion. It calms and strengthens the nervous system, prevents atherosclerosis and improves memory.
You can take up to 100 ml of pure juice per day. Its action is enhanced when combined with other juices, such as blackcurrant, apple, grapefruit (2:2:1:1) or tomato or garlic (20:20:1).

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