Alcea rosea var. nigra
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Stock-rose (Mallow) - Alcea rosea var. nigra.
Drought tolerant!
Perennial. Height 150-200 cm. Flower diameter 6 cm.
A majestic, slender plant with very large, almost black flowers, collected in giant inflorescences - elongated brushes.
The stock rose is one of the tallest flower crops, which is indispensable in large flower beds for the background, for decorating walls and fences, and, of course, for cutting. Cut inflorescences keep a fresh look for a long time.
Sowing: in the ground in a permanent place in mid-May. Shoots appear in 12-15 days. Crops are thinned out, forming a feeding area for plants of 40x50 cm.
Care: Mallow is a light-loving, winter-hardy, drought-resistant plant, but for good growth and development it should be grown in sunny places, fertilized loose soil. In dry weather, the plants are watered. For complete nutrition of plants, we recommend using a complex mineral fertilizer enriched with microelements.
Flowering: occurs in the second year in July and continues until September.
Care: in places unprotected from the wind, plants are tied to stakes driven into the ground. After flowering, flower stalks are cut to a height of 30 cm or removed completely. On fertile soils, top dressing is not required. On the poor - a few weeks after planting, they mulch with a small amount of compost or feed every 4 weeks with a weakly concentrated solution of complete mineral fertilizer.
Under the conditions of Estonia, they hibernate with light shelter with spruce branches and tree leaves. When digging and planting, it is necessary to save a clod of earth with fleshy roots. Only under this condition, the mallow will quickly grow and bloom well.
Use: for groups, mixborders, decorating walls, hedges, as well as for cutting - the flowers remain fresh for a long time, and the buds all open. It is one of the tallest flower crops, and as such it is indispensable in large flower beds for the background. Small groups of mallow also break up a flat space formed by plants of medium height.

Alcea rosea Tokkroos Must Althaea rosea

Origin: Turkey, Asia.
Special Features: Deepest maroon color, appearing nearly black in color.
Colour: Deepest maroon.
Natural Flowering Period: May - October.
Growth Habit: Upright. Foliage: Round, lobed leaves. Height with Flower: 180 cm. Spacing between Plants: 60 cm.
Soil Requirement: Well-drained soils, pH 5.8 - 6.8.
Location: Full Sun.
Use: Plant this extraordinary dark flowering hollyhock together in the border with Echinacea, Salvia sclarea and Panicum virgatum.
Specialities: Tremendously popular old-fashioned perennial.
Grams per 1000 seeds: 10,5.
Seed Requirement: 25 g / 1000 plants.
Best Sowing Date: Anytime.
Way of Germination: Fast Germinator.
Germination: These seeds must be covered with a layer seed kernel diameter. Keep daytime temperatures at approximately +20°C, and keep the moisture constant. The seeds must be kept in the light and moderately warm after germination.
Germination to Transplant: 4 - 6 weeks Transplanting to salable Plant: 6 - 8 weeks. Fertilization: Medium.

Eng.: Hollyhock, common garden hollyhock, garden hollyhock. Suom.: Salkoruusu. Sven.: Stockros. Bot. syn.: Althaea rosea (L.) Cav.

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