Allium fistulosum L.
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Wintry green onion "GERDA" - Allium fistulosum L.
Excellent quality for cutting and bunching.
Very early bunching onion with a delicious taste and dark green, erect leaves. Suitable for field and tunnel year-round production. Very resistant to low temperatures.
A very early variety (70 days in conditions in Central Europe) with a delicious taste and dark green, erect foliage. White shanks are 8 - 10 cm long.
Good advantages of GERDA are very early maturity and high resistance to stress. GERDA is also tolerant to low and high temperatures.
Suitable for year-round growing, especially for early spring sowing.
Not intended for overwintering but in Mediterranean and regions with a similar mild climate it survives winter very well.
An excellent variety overall.

Talisibul Gerda pealsesibul

Talisibul Gerda Лук на перо Герда

Eng.: Bunching Onion, Wintry green onion, Welsh Onion (Cong-Bai). Suom.: Pillisipuli, talvisipuli. Sven.: Salladspurjo. Bot.: Allium fistulosum L.

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