Valerianella locusta var. oleracea
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Corn salad "d Olanda a Seme Grosso" - Valerianella locusta var. oleracea.
The leaves of this salad have a delicate texture and aroma, exquisite sweetish-nutty flavoгur and light astringency.
Contains more iron than other types of lettuce, as well as vitamins A and E, B9 (which promote rapid cell regeneration).
Corn salad is good both on its own and in combination with other salad vegetables and various products (meat, onions, citrus fruits, nuts), olive oil.
It has a tonic and wound-healing agent is an aphrodisiac.
1,0 g = 600-900 seeds.

Valerianella locusta Põldkännak Corn salad Vuonankaali Vintersallat Валерьянница Полевой салат

Eng.: Corn salad. Suom.: Vuonankaali. Sven.: Vintersallat. Bot. syn.: Valerianella olitoria (L.) Pollich.

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