Allium porrum
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Sprouts of Leek - microgreens, seeds for germination - Allium porrum L.
Sprouts (germinated seeds, microgreens) are a very valuable and healthy food product.
In germinated seeds, several times more vital substances are formed than in a grown plant.
Spicy sprouted leek seeds are rich in vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium and magnesium.
Sprouted seeds add a savory flavor to meat and egg dishes or sandwiches (especially with cheese). Suitable for decorating meat dishes and salads.
It is very easy to germinate seeds. They should be thoroughly washed, placed in a sprouting dish and poured with water.
Water should cover the seeds, its volume should be 3-4 times the volume of the seeds. Soak the seeds in water for 4-12 hours (depending on their size) until they swell. Then drain the water. Swollen seeds should be stored without water in a covered container so that they do not dry out before germination.
Seeds need to germinate from 2 to 10 days (depending on the variety). At least twice a day, germinating seeds should be moistened (filled with water and drained again).
Overgrowths of germinated seeds continue to grow in the light. Cut the shoots and squeeze the juice out of them.

Sprouts: European Leek. Suom.: Purjo, purjosipuli. Sven.: Purjolök.

Instructions for use:
Pour the amount reguired in to a bowl of water at room temperature and allow them to soak for 8-10 hours.
Subsequently place the seeds into your sprouter covering no more than 25% of the tray as the seeds will in size. Put the sprouter in a light spot at room temperature changing the water 2-3 times a day.
The sprouts will be ready in about 6-10 days. Cut the sprouts about the seed and wash them before eating. They will keep in the fridge for up to a week (8-10 days).

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