Celosia argentea f. plumosa
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Feather cockscomb "Lilliput" mixed - Сelosia argentea L. f. plumosa Voss.
Take a look at the luxurious feather-shaped inflorescences of the new celosia and there is no doubt that you are in love with them!
They have very rich shades and will become the most popular in your garden, and in winter you can enjoy original flower arrangements created with your own hands: cut and carefully dried inflorescences will perfectly retain their original color until spring.

* Garden form. Homeland - India.
The plant is compact, pyramidal, 20-30 cm high. It blooms from July until the first frost.
Location: the most beautiful inflorescences of the plant develop in warm, sunny, wind-protected places.
Soil: Requires areas with fertile soil. They do not tolerate fresh organic fertilizers.
Care: needs regular watering. Very thermophilic, damaged by even minor frosts, photophilous.
Reproduction: seeds, which are sown in late March - early April in boxes or warm greenhouses. Seedlings dive twice, the first time in boxes or a warm greenhouse, the second - in 7 cm pots, 1 each. Necessarily - careful and moderate watering, regular airing. They are planted in a permanent place after the end of spring frosts, keeping the distance between plants 15-20 cm.
Usage: appreciated for the originality of bright inflorescences and decorative leaves. Good in containers and flowerpots.
Recommended for flower beds, ridges, balcony boxes, for making dry bouquets.

Eng.: Feather cockscomb, giant celosia, plumed cockscomb. Suom.: Kukontöyhtö. Sven.: Plymört. Bot. syn.: Celosia margaritacea L., Celosia plumosa.

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