Callistephus chinensis L.
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China aster "Balloon white".
The indescribable luxury of terry inflorescences!
The legendary series of asters "Balloon" surpasses all known varieties in terms of degree of doubleness and density of spherical inflorescences.
A plant of a pyramidal form, 50-60 cm high with strong peduncles. On one plant, up to 6-8 inflorescences of a white shade are formed, with a diameter of 9-13 cm.
Most often grown in seedlings. Seeds are sown in March-April, dive with the development of the first pair of true leaves according to the 5x5 cm scheme, seedlings are planted in open ground from mid-May to early June. It is possible to sow seeds in open ground in early spring or before winter, followed by mulching with peat or sawdust.
Brilliant asters of the "Balloon" series are distinguished by excellent cutting properties: they stand in water for up to two weeks, retaining their decorative effect.
Perfect for decorating flower beds.
1,0 g = 450 seeds.

Eng.: China aster. Suom.: Kiinanasteri. Sven.: Sommaraster.

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