Callistephus chinensis
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Aster "Electric Violet".
Large-flowered, profusely flowering aster. The bush is pyramidal, 60-70 cm high. The inflorescences are densely double, up to 16 cm in diameter, with long petals twisted into thin tubes. The variety is excellent for cutting (each plant forms 8-12 long peduncles).
The bewitching beauty of the opening aster flowers is an incomparable pleasure!
Wearing her gorgeous summer outfit, she creates a festive atmosphere. Flowers of very bright and delicate red, crimson and pink shades in a bouquet will demonstrate their beauty for a long time.
Sowing: asters can be grown by sowing seeds in open ground (under the film) in late April - early May, followed by thinning seedlings, or seedlings.
Asters are sown for seedlings in late March - early April. Crops are grown at a temperature of +15+18°C. With the advent of the first pair of true leaves, the seedlings dive according to the 6x6 cm pattern.
Seedlings are planted in open ground at the end of May. The distance between plants is 20 cm for undersized (30-35 cm for tall varieties).
Care: Astra prefers a sunny, wind-sheltered location, with well-drained and fertilized soils, but without freshly applied organic fertilizer.
Care consists of regular watering, careful loosening and top dressing.
Flowering: early August - late September.


Eng.: China aster. Suom.: Kiinanasteri. Sven.: Sommaraster.

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