Callistephus chinensis
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Aster "Matsumoto" mix.
Numerous semi-double inflorescences, 5 cm in diameter, crown graceful stems. Plant height up to 70 cm.
One of the many advantages of this series is its high resistance to diseases and adverse conditions, as well as long and abundant flowering.
Grows equally well in open and shady areas.
Growing conditions.
Sowing: end of March - beginning of April through seedlings. Seedlings are planted in May. It is possible to sow in open ground at the end of April - in May undercover. 1.0 g = 400-450 seeds.​
Landing pattern: 30 x 35cm.
Flowering: from July to September.

Callistephus chinensis, Hiina aster
Jane Webb Loudon.

Aster "Matsumoto" (mix). Suom.: kesäasteri.

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