Triticum aestivum L.
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Grass for dogs "Green vitamins".
Dogs willingly eat grass grown at home. It contains vitamins, enzymes and trace elements that our beloved pets need so much and which they often receive less in their diet. Dogs may enjoy the smell of grass or its taste, and often eat it to cleanse their stomachs, naturally avoiding gastrointestinal illness. Fresh grass is believed to regulate digestion and bowel function, especially if your pet has an unbalanced diet. Quite often, eating green sprouts becomes a pleasant experience for them, and they pinch them with pleasure ...
Growing fresh weed is pretty easy. To do this, the contents of the package must be sown in any substrate (river sand, earth, etc.) in a pallet, box or bowl, and then watered abundantly. When the grass reaches a height of 10 cm (10-15 days after sowing), the dog can already feast on it.
Dogs can also eat cut, chopped grass grown in the garden, which is added to the food.
You can grow fresh herbs all year round, thus providing your pet with valuable natural supplements.

Fresh herbs grown in 7-10 days are an essential component of nutrition for pets.
Unlike "grass from the street", this mixture is an environmentally friendly product and does not contain chemical contaminants, pesticide residues, heavy metal salts, pathogens, or helminth eggs. Contains beneficial microorganisms, starch, protein, fibre, a number of essential amino acids, vitamins, macro- and microelements. Regular use normalizes and improves digestion, helps cleanse the dog's stomach of mucus and hairballs and gives shine and silkiness to the coat. Sowing - all year round as needed.

* At the end of winter, dogs lack vitamins, they become lethargic, shed and catch a cold. Plant seeds of spring wheat and oats in a pot with loose fertile soil for them. At the bottom of the pot, make drainage from shards and a layer of sand. From above, cover the seeds with a 2 cm layer of earth, pour abundantly and cover with a film. Until seedlings appear, keep the dishes near the central heating radiator, and then rearrange them on the windowsill, closer to the light. After 7-10 days, your pets will begin to enjoy the green "dish".
As the earth dries up, water the greens with warm water and occasionally feed with a liquid complex fertilizer. After top dressing, spray the leaves with clean water.
You can grow green fodder without land. In addition to wheat and oats, you will need seeds of barley, corn, peas or vetch. Before germination, soak the seeds for 30 minutes in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate and then rinse with water. This will keep the sprouts from rotting. Place wet seeds tightly in one layer in any polyethylene or glass dish no more than 5-6 cm high. Cover with plastic wrap, leaving a gap of 1-2 cm for air exchange and watering. Leave the dishes in a room with a temperature of about + 20 ° C, it is possible in the dark. Spray the seeds from time to time.
When shoots appear, move to the brightest place, and even better under a fluorescent lamp. From now on, feed the seedlings with a nutrient solution - mixtures of minerals intended for feeding seedlings. On the 7-10th day, cut off the dense interlacing of stems and roots and use them for food.
Such food contains a large amount of easily digestible sugars, vitamins and minerals.

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