Delphinium consolida
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Forking larkspur "Honour" (mix) - Delphinium consolida.
An annual plant with branching stems, up to 1.0 m high. The leaves are narrow, dissected.
Loose spike-shaped inflorescences 50 cm long with large purple double flowers.
Flowering is long: from June to late autumn.
Unpretentious to the soil, but does not tolerate stagnant water.
It is used in group plantings with other beautifully flowering tall flowers.
Very attractive in plantings with the addition of a delphinium of the same species in white and pink shades.
Very pretty cut. Dried inflorescences do not change their color, which is very valuable for winter bouquets.

Eng.: Forking larkspur, royal knight's spur. Suom.: Rikkakukonkannus, Kenttä-kukonkannus. Sven.: Vild riddarsporre, åkerriddarsporre. Bot. syn.: Consolida regalis S.F.Gray.

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