Coleus blumei L.
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Painted Nettle "Rainbow" (mix) - Coleus blumei.
A lush, colorful outfit is beautiful without flowers. It will retain its beauty throughout the season and will delight the eye until the onset of frost.
This is a plant with luxurious foliage of a wide variety of shapes and colors. Leaves are broadly oval, corrugated along the edge, with a velvety surface. Small flowers are collected in lilac-blue spike-shaped inflorescences. Heat- and moisture-loving, shade-tolerant, prefers light nutritious soils.
They are planted in flower beds, balconies, used as an ornamental carpet plant. Before freezing, they are transplanted into a pot and grown as a room.

Eng.: Flame Nettle, Painted Nettle, Painted Leaf, Poor Man's Croton. Suom.: Isokirjopeippi. Sven.: Palettblad, palettblomma. Bot. syn.: Bot. syn.: Solenostemon scutellarioides (L.), Soleirolia blumei (Benth.).

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