Cobaea scandens
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Cup-and-saucer vine, Monastery vine, Violet Cathedral Bells - Cobaea scandens.
Honey-scented Vine Pollinated by Bats Growing 15-25 feet in a single season.
Cobaea scandens is often grown as an annual, though it is actually a perennial in its native Central America. The flowers start very pale greenish-white, then turn a rosy purple and gradually darken until falling off after four days.
Cup-and-saucer Vine will grow rapidly over a fence, trellis, or wall. Its stems cling by branched tendrils that grow on the end of each leaf stalk.
A Victorian favorite!

Cobaea scandens Mehhiko vanikkuljus

An unusual and beautiful climbing plant with graceful and large flowers.
It clings to the support with antennae, forms numerous shoots up to 3-4 m. The leaves are pinnate. The flowers are bell-shaped, 6-8 cm in diameter. It blooms from July until frost.
Violet Cathedral Bells is full of unnatural charm, which is impossible to resist. She tirelessly storms trellises and walls, pergolas and arbors, transforming everything around with her luxurious outfit. Its main trump card is the numerous gramophone bells against the backdrop of beautiful, carved leaves.
It clings to the support with antennae, forms numerous shoots up to 3 m. The leaves are pinnate.
Violet Cathedral Bells is used for vertical gardening, for decorating facades, arbors, trellises. In winter gardens, Monastery vine covers large areas in a short time.
The plant is light and thermophilic. On fertile soils it grows quickly, covering a large surface.
Responds well to fertilizing and watering. Used for vertical gardening, on balconies.
When growing seedlings, sowing is carried out in late February - early March in boxes. The seeding depth is 1.5 cm. At a soil temperature of +20°C, seedlings appear on the 14-20th day. Seedlings in the phase of the first true leaf dive one by one into pots. Pegs are placed for support.
Plants are planted in open ground in late May - early June, maintaining a distance between plants of 60-80 cm.
Blooms from July until frost.

Eng.: Violet Cathedral Bells, cup-and-saucer vine, monastery vine. Suom.: Kelloköynnös. Sven.: Klockranka. Bot. syn.: Cobaea lasseri Pittier, Rosenbergia scandens.

Did you know that ... tight-growing kobei seeds will sprout faster if they are germinated before sowing until pecking, like cucumbers.
Soaked seeds should be kept in the light at a temperature not lower than + 20 ° C, preferably in a plastic bag.
Sprouted seeds should be laid out one by one in pots with a diameter of 8-10 cm, flat side down.

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