Brassica oleracea L.
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Flowering Cabbage "Kamome" F1 (mix).
Ruffled edge and early staining!
Ornamental cabbage series Kamome ™ (Japanese selection) is not in vain considered one of the best decorations for the autumn garden.
The plant is cold-resistant, perfectly tolerates short-term frosts, 20-30 cm high and 30-35 cm in diameter. The leaves are strongly corrugated at the edges, form a wide densely stuffed rosette, the central leaves of which, with decreasing temperature, begin to turn bright pink and become as decorative as possible by autumn. view.
It is perfect for filling large spaces and creating borders, it is an excellent culture for container compositions.

Dekoratiivne kapsas Flowering Cabbage Koristekaali  Prydnadskål Капуста декоративная

Eng.: Flowering Cabbage. Suom.: Koristekaali. Sven.: Prydnadskål.

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