Leucanthemum paludosum (Poir.) Bonnet et Barratte
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Mini marguerite (Creeping daisy) - Chrysanthemum paludosum (Mauranthemum paludosum).
"Sunny" flowering islands!
For semi-shady corners of the garden and balconies.
An annual heat-loving plant from the Astrov family. Forms a lush bush 20-25 cm high, stretches up to 30 cm in partial shade.
This plant has rich bright green foliage. The flowers are numerous, white with a bright yellow core, 4 cm in diameter. It blooms from June to October.
The plant is unpretentious, thermophilic, dies at the slightest frost. They are planted in open ground only in early June, choosing a sunny place or partial shade for this.
The site should be well-drained, neutral. The bushes grow strongly and need to be thinned out several times a season.
It is not necessary to remove faded flowers.
Regular top dressing and abundant watering on hot days are necessary.
For seedlings, seeds are sown in March - April.
Use to decorate the patio, balconies. An excellent coastal plant in the immediate vicinity of ponds and streams.

Flowering Season: Late spring to early fall.
Light Requirements: Sun.
Flower Color: Yellow.
Height: 10 to 14 inches.
Moderate to high drought tolerance.
Cultivars: Million Gold, Showstar.

Melampodium paludosum, Soo-mustjalg
Marty Bell.

Eng.: Creeping daisy. Suom.: Peikonkakkara. Sven.: Pysslingkrage. Bot. syn.: Chrysanthemum glabrum Poir., Chrysanthemum glabrum Cout., Chrysanthemum paludosum Poir., Chrysanthemum setabense Dufour, Hymenostemma fontanesii Willk., Leucanthemum affine Pomel, Leucanthemum arenarium Pomel, Leucanthemum glabrum Boiss. et Reut., Leucanthemum paludosum (Poir.) Bonnet et Barratte 1896, Leucanthemum setabense (Dufour) DC., Leucoglossum paludosum (Poir.), Myconella paludosa (Poir.) Maire, Pyrethrum clausonis Pomel.

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