Mix of flowers for the cemetry
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A mix of flowers for the cemetry.
Graveyard Blend is a seed set consisting of annuals and perennials. The species was chosen considering low soil requirements and resistance to difficult growing conditions.
They do not require maintenance and frequent watering. The mixture is designed to decorate tombstones in the form of small flower beds or the edges of tombstones.
The different flowering times of the individual components of the mixture guarantee an attractive appearance of the plants almost throughout the entire season.
The composition is resistant to strong sunlight, wind and precipitation, so it is great for a cemetery.
Agricultural technology.
Can be grown in two ways. Planting them on pallets or directly to a permanent place.
In the first case, the seedling must reach the stage of several pairs of leaves, and then be planted at its destination in early summer.
The recommended spacing is 20 x 20 cm.
The expected plants height is 10-30 cm.
The mixture blooms profusely throughout the season until October.

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