Sanvitalia procumbens L.
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Mexican creeping zinnia "Gold Braid" - Sanvitalia procumbens.
An annual creeping plant up to 20 cm tall, forming wide curtains.
The stems are strongly branched, strong, thin, reddish on the illuminated side.
Leaves on short petioles or almost sessile, broadly oval, entire marginal. Inflorescences - baskets 2-2.5 cm in diameter.
For growing seedlings, sowing is carried out under a film in March-April (in May it can be sown in open ground).
When planting in place between plants, they maintain a distance of 20-25 cm. The transplant is well tolerated.
Blooms profusely from mid-July to October. Blooms 60-70 days after sowing.
Prefers open sunny places, areas with moderately fertile soil.
Used to create colorful borders, borders, arrays. Looks good on rocky areas.
1,0 g = 950-1000 seeds.

Mexican creeping zinnia, Lavender-cotton. Bot. syn.: Sanvitalia angustifolia Gray.

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