Felicia heterophylla
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Kingfisher daisy "Blue Daisy" - Felicia heterophylla.
A rare graceful plant with beautiful flowers similar to daisies.
Looks great in a rock garden, a balcony box, in a hanging basket, in a flower bed, along the path. Branched plant 20-30 cm high.
Numerous blue inflorescences with a yellow centre are scattered over a soft cushion of bluish-green leaves.
Blooms from June to September.
Sowing time: May, March.
Flowering: June, July, August.
Planting methods: open ground, seedlings.
Plant height: 30 cm.
Distance between plants: 25-30 cm.

Bergeri tähtlill
Kingfisher Daisy. Bot. syn.: Charieis heterophylla Cass.

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