Chrysanthemum segetum L.
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Corn chrysanthemum "Rainbow" - Chrysanthemum segetum.
Unpretentious and bright! Elegant flowers all summer long!
An unpretentious annual plant up to 60 cm high. Chamomile-shaped inflorescences, 5-7 cm in diameter.
Characterized by rapid growth and early, long flowering (from June to October). Light-loving and cold-hardy.
Used for planting in flower beds, in mixed groups, borders and for cutting.
Sowing in a permanent place with light, fertile, limed soil. 1.0 g = 350-400 seeds, remain viable for 2-3 years.
Sowing: April(2,3)-May(1).
The plant is light-loving, cold-resistant, and quite drought-resistant. Prefers light, moderately fertile soils. Seeds are sown in April in seedling boxes, lightly sprinkled with soil. At a soil temperature of +18+25°C, seedlings appear on the 10-18th day. They are planted in a permanent location in mid-May; direct sowing into the ground is possible in early May. The distance between plants is 35-40 cm.
Flowering is long and abundant, from early June to late September.
Chrysanthemum segetum is undemanding in terms of growing conditions; it prefers and develops better on light, drained, fertile soils with the addition of lime. In general, the plant is light-loving and cold-resistant, like most chrysanthemums (with the exception of the heat-loving Indian chrysanthemum).
Maintenance is usual: weeding, loosening, timely watering and removal of wilted leaves and inflorescences.
Chrysanthemum segetum is easily propagated by seeds, which can be sown at the end of April - at the beginning of May directly into open ground in a permanent place.
Use: the annual chrysanthemum looks very impressive in a wide variety of flower beds, flower beds and flower beds, and it stands up well when cut.

Chrysanthemum segetum
Corn marigold, corn chrysanthemum. Bot. syn.: Glebionis segetum (L.)

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