Zinnia elegans
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Cactus flowered elegant zinnia (colour mix) - Zinnia elegans.
Incredibly attractive new look for this elegant, upright-stemmed zinnia.
Spectacular, densely doubled inflorescences with narrow long petals, rolled into a tube, give the whole plant a very decorative look.
Used in borders, flower beds. Cut flowers last a long time in a bouquet.
Sowing: March-April for seedlings (1.0 g contains 110-130 zinnia seeds).
3-4 weeks after germination, seedlings dive. Seedlings are planted outdoors when the threat of frost has passed.
The distance between plants is 40 cm.
Prefers sunny, wind-sheltered, warm areas with drained, neutral soil rich in humus and mineral elements.
Care: during prolonged drought, watering is required. Zinnia is fed every 2-4 weeks with a solution of complex mineral fertilizer.
Flowering: from July to frost. Regular removal of wilted inflorescences contributes to more lush flowering.

Elegant zinnia Cactus flowered. Suom.: Tsinnia, oppineittenkukka. Sven.: Zinnia. Bot. syn.: Crassina elegans, Zinnia violacea.

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