Pelargonium peltatum
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Pelargonium ampelous - Рelargonium peltatum Ait.
A plant with thin, strong, cascading shoots, 80-100 cm long from the Geranium family.
Leaves are fleshy, corymbose, smooth, shiny, 5-8 cm wide, similar to ivy leaves. The flowers are simple, stellate, collected in 5-8 pieces in umbellate inflorescences of various tones. Flowering begins at the end of May and lasts all summer.
Pelargonium is photophilous, unpretentious in culture, easily tolerates a lack of moisture. The plant is placed on sunny east and west windows. In the warm season, it loves abundant, frequent watering. In winter, depending on the temperature, watered more moderately. The plant is fed with mineral fertilizers enriched with potassium.
To obtain flowering plants by early summer, crops are sown from December to February, using pure peat or a mixture of peat with sand as a substrate. For indoor use, sown in March-April. Seedlings usually appear 1.5-2 weeks after sowing. In the phase of two or three true leaves, the plants dive into the pots. For better tillering, the seedlings are pinched over the fifth or sixth leaf.
In summer, it is advisable to take pelargonium to fresh air, and in winter to install it in a cool, bright room with a temperature of + 10 + 12 ° C.
Shield Pelargonium is perfect as a container plant for hanging baskets, window boxes and wall-mounted planters. It can also be planted under large trees to create a long-flowering soil cover.

An original ampelous plant for vertical gardening, excellent in containers and pots.
The new pelargonium with amazing flowing shoots is truly royally beautiful! She will hold the record for longest flowering time and a real godsend for pots, balcony boxes and containers. From one plant you will get a powerful long-flowering bush with a huge number of inflorescences.

Pelargonium ivy.
Homeland - South Africa.
A perennial semi-shrub plant with creeping stems and ivy-like, fleshy leaves. Flowers on long peduncles, simple, double or semi-double, often collected in few-flowered shitkovidny inflorescences, white or pink.
Blooms in May - July.
A perennial grown as an annual. Sowing seedlings. Seeding depth - 5 mm. Germination for 5-10 days at an optimum temperature of + 21 + 24 ° C. A pick in 3 weeks. Avoid drying out the soil and temperature fluctuations.
For seedlings, it is recommended: feeding with small portions of nitrogen fertilizers, before planting in open ground - hardening at a temperature of + 12 ° C.
Layout: 15x30 cm.
Sowing: December-April.
Transfer: April-June.
Bloom: June-October.

Eng.: Ivy-leaf geranium, cascading geranium, ivyleaf geranium, ivy geranium. Suom.: Riippapelargoni. Sven.: Hängpelargon, Kaskadpelargon, murgrönspelargon.

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